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Moccasins inspired & designed by moms for moms

Our shoes are designed by moms for moms in Canada, and we make sure they are also approved by them as they know what’s best for their little one.

Stylish, durable & comfortable

We use top quality leather because we prioritize natural breathability, durability and comfort. We want to make sure your child's feet stay dry and protected. Your baby is only going to be this tiny once so why not make the most of it by prioritizing style and comfort to create memories that will last a lifetime?

Easy-on & stay-on

Our comfortable elastic inserts make our moccasins easy to put on and stay on your little explorer’s feet. No more lost socks or shoes!

Good for foot development

Our baby moccasins are lightweight. The soles are soft and flexible, which support natural foot movements. In our early design stage, we consulted Doctors of Podiatric Medicine to make sure the material we use mimics the barefoot feel so your child’s feet can grow unrestricted.

Prevent slippage

We use suede on the outsoles of our baby shoes to prevent slippage.

Cushioned insoles

Our cushioned insoles are what distinguish us from the others. Our insoles add an extra layer of protection to your baby’s sensitive feet when surfaces are uneven and cold. They are easily removable.