Please measure your baby’s bigger foot and refer to our Size Chart. When in doubt, always go one size up as it is better to have a bit more room for those tiny toes to grow and move. The comfortable elastic insert will keep the moccasin snug on your baby’s foot.


Steps to follow to make sure the shoes will fit your little one’s feet:

  1. Trace your baby’s foot on a piece of paper (make sure that the foot is flat on the sheet and the toes are well deployed).
  2. Measure the length of the foot with a ruler.
  3. Add 1 cm to the foot measurement (for room to grow).
  4. Refer to the sizing guide below to order your Timommii shoes.  

Age Group

US Size

Length (cm / inch)

3-6 months


up to 11.0 cm / 4.3" 

6-12 months


up to 11.8 cm / 4.6"

12-18 months

up to 12.6 cm / 5.0" 

18-24 months


up to 13.4 cm / 5.3"

*Please note that all measurements listed above are the length of the outside sole from heel to toe.

*Please also note that the measurements above (in the table) are suggestions, and that it is very important to measure the baby's feet before ordering. Some babies might have bigger/smaller feet. For example, an 8-month old baby might still wear 3-6 months age group size.