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While living in China, it seemed like every year, someone was having a new baby. Before heading home to Quebec City for the summer, I would take a trip to the markets and find the latest (and cutest) baby gifts. Even though I don’t have a baby myself, I became quite the expert, and people soon started calling me the “baby momma shopper”. I began to gain a reputation with family and friends because of all the fantastic stuff I could find. Every year the shopping list started to grow. It got to the point where it made sense for me to bypass the retailer and go straight to the manufacturer. I would stay up to date on the most significant Chinese e-commerce baby shops while keeping up with the trends in Canada and the U.S.A. from mommy bloggers. Discovering and comparing the baby industry both from the American and Asian side became a real hobby of mine, and pretty organically led me to want to start an e-commerce shop of my own.

When the inspiration to create Timommii hit, I had in mind a brand that moms could identify with and feel good about. My mission was to provide moms with easy-on/stay on, fashionable and comfortable baby shoes that would set new trends for children’s footwear. However, these new trends would be from a different angle, the moms’ perspective. After all, moms always know best.

I envisioned a community filled with talented moms, from various backgrounds across Canada, wanting to create their Timommii designs and share their input in order to help other modern moms in their daily lives. 

Sabrina, xox


The Brand Philosophy

Timommii is a brand that provides children essentials with comfort and style while changing the way baby product companies interact with their customers by giving moms a voice. We know mommies know best and your baby knows it too! We want moms to be part of the creative process and design the perfect products of Timommii’s big family. 


What do we value?


We know you want the best for your little bug’s foot development, and this is why we team up with moms and consult health professionals before offering you any of our products. 


By involving mommies in the early stages of our product creation and design, we aspire to create a “community of mommies” rather than a shoe company. We want to tap into the creativity of this community filled with moms ready to create, share and cherish memories of their little humans in their earliest days.

Commitment to Customer

We are a small business that cares about its customers! We love to hear your feedback and adapt our business according to your preferences. Understanding your needs is a priority so you can have the best customer experience.

Environmental Responsibility

We care about our beautiful planet, and we want to protect it the best we can. It is crucial for us to work towards reducing our carbon footprint.

Our burlap sacks are made from jute fibre and are 100% biodegradable. We are proud to inform you that jute is recyclable, and a hectare of the plant consumes about 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide and releases 11 tonnes of oxygen. It is a plant that needs little to no intervention to grow and replenish. In comparison to cotton, it requires way less water to survive and NO CHEMICAL interventions! We decided to go with eco-friendly packaging so you can be part of the movement and give a second life to your Timommii bag by transforming it into a small travel pouch for your child’s shoes or anything you creative masterminds can come up with.

If that isn’t enough, we ship your packages in plant-based compostable mailers that contribute to global reforestation. A portion of the proceeds from our purchase of these mailers goes towards the fight against deforestation. Feel free to test our mailers and put them in your home compost containers.